Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shopping Day

I like to try to do shopping once a month and only pick up incidentals during the rest of the month because I spend too much if I go to the store too often.  So I make a list and try to stick to it.  Today we made it to Krogers, Walmart, Lowe's, and a place to order a load of mulch to be delivered...all by noon plus we ate breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  I always feel bad about ordering breakfast there because I can't eat all of it.  Today I got a kid's meal and ate everything except one of the two slices of low carb whole wheat bread.  It was cheaper and I didn't feel wasteful.  Cracker Barrel's kid menu says for kids of all ages so I didn't have to borrow a child to order it:)
The wind chimes are pleasant when there isn't a tornado watch.
The mulch place is going to deliver my mulch in the morning.  I'll be gone to my first day to volunteer at the hospital, but Larry will be here.
Nice day.  Tomorrow is our 44th wedding anniversary.  Leigh reminded me.  So then I reminded Larry.

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