Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lots of Puppies

The toddler carrying the puppy by the neck wasn't concerned with proper puppy care.  Oh, I'm holding it wrong? Slam, fling that little sucker to the ground and grab it around the middle!  I was trying to explain that if her mom carried her that way, and put her down like that, it would hurt her and the puppy shouldn't be handled that way, either.  The puppy, by the way, did not complain.  I handed over the package that came for the mom while she was at work, told all of them "Bye," and went back across the road with TWO toddlers trailing after me for hugs!  I administered the required hugs and have worried ever since that the little ones will decide they need hugs and get run over.  The puppies are in a cage.  The pit bull is tied up, and the children are loose.  Mom was out there with them, though, and looked really, really tired.

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