Saturday, March 31, 2012


I'm not a fan of exercise.  I spend time and energy on it and when I get through, I have nothing to show for it. My daughter suggested that a fit body counts.  I'm sure that must be true.  But anyway, I like to have something to show for my time and energy.  So the pile below is mulch.  The little cart is what I drag the mulch with.
 Here is the strip of roses I'm currently mulching.  Larry suggested that I use the gator or pay a teenager to do it for me.  I decided that shoveling the mulch and dragging the cart is good exercise, so I'm doing it myself.  Today I only hauled five loads, but I also tilled the rest of my rose strip.  
 Below is a picture of my Mantis.  It is a tiller I saw advertised on television with a woman starting it, picking it up, and using it.  So I bought one and it is exactly as advertised.  I can start it.  I can't start a weed whacker, or a lawn mower.  How I can start this is a miracle.  I have to say, starting a coffee pot is easier, but the Mantis is the easiest power tool I've ever encountered.  It is also excellent exercise.  I can give it just a little power and it will walk itself.  I can give it more power and stand will dig a hole.  The dirt will be fluffy with no chunks.  I love my Mantis.  Exercise isn't all bad:) This is the second year I've had it and it is still easy to start and use.  My husband likes it for small jobs, although he still uses his monster tiller for the garden.

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