Monday, March 19, 2012

Flower Boxes

I have all of the flower boxes on the south side of the porches cleaned and put up.  I only have two on the east side put up and none on the west side.  I put out six loads of mulch again today without taking a break in the middle.
I read up on the red cabbage nutrients last night.  The slaw looked pretty disgusting, but according to the nutrition articles I read, it is healthier than the green (and I'm not knocking the green).
I've changed porches.  My husband is very pleased with the wind chimes.  I gave them to him for his birthday.  He wanted them.  I can't sit on the porch with them because they are too loud.  When I sit on the other porch, they are more subdued.  This means I'm not sitting on the porch with my husband.  I asked him to move the wind chimes.  He likes them where they are.  Well, he's in charge of that, but he's not in charge of where I sit.  I wonder if that was his plan.

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