Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Games Are Usually Safer Than Power Tools

Today we went to the dermatologist in Memphis.  We wanted to stop at a Cracker Barrel for breakfast but my husband said he only knew where one was and we'd passed it.
I said, "I don't know how to tell you where one is except there is a gas station with a McDonald's next to one where we've eaten."
He said, "Exit blah-blah."  And he was right.  I commented that I was amazed anybody could recognize the location based on the clues I'd given (honestly, I've already forgotten the exit number).  He said he thought paying attention to the measurements, etc., when he builds something helps his brain (I told him I play card games on my computer to try to keep my brain from turning to mush).  I said AARP wasn't going to start recommending that old people use power tools to keep their brains functioning!
Then I was thinking about where the dermatologist is.  It's on Union something or other.  When we get to Danver's Restaurant, it's time to get in the left lane.  Then watch for Taco Bell on the left.  Turn immediately after Taco Bell and circle that block back to the left.  I notice food better than street names or numbers.  Ouch!

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