Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Smock and Key

Today was my first day as a volunteer at the hospital.  Nobody could let me in the gift shop where I was supposed to be because the other volunteer wasn't there and the supervisor was in a meeting.  So I sat in the ICU waiting room wishing I'd brought my book.  One of the workers at the nursing counter asked if I used to work at the school.  She recognized me, but I don't think I taught her because I didn't know her and she didn't say I had.
Finally the meeting was over and somebody let me in the gift shop, showed me the stuff I might need to know and said somebody else would have to show me how to inflate the helium balloons.
Then while I was filling bags of ice the other volunteer got there.  We finished filling the 20 bags of ice and put the cart in the little room where it goes.  I helped hand out newspapers.  I don't know if the papers are donated by the  newspaper people or paid for by hospital funds, but it was a couple of big stacks.  We also checked the mail room and handed out cards for the patients who'd received them.
Nobody bought anything while I was there.
I am supposed to go back Friday afternoon for "Current Events."
We get lunch free but I wasn't looking forward to it.  Most places don't have much that is on my low-sugar, low-carb, high fiber diet.  Sure enough, the food in the hot section wasn't anything I could eat on a regular basis...I can eat out occasionally, but twice a week plus eating out would be too much.  But their salad bar was good.  I like a lot of the stuff that is on a salad bar, but when I make a salad, it is seriously expensive to buy all those different things plus it makes such a big salad that some of it goes bad before we eat it.  But I can eat salad twice a week when I volunteer and feel like I have helped my diet rather than sabotaging it.  I had water with my meal.  I could have had coffee, but I picked water this time.
When I got home, I found they had delivered my big pile of mulch.  Spreading that around will be my exercise for the next little while.

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