Saturday, March 24, 2012

Easter and Greenhouse

 I've been trying to think of something I could donate to the hospital gift shop for Easter.  I brought a couple of vases home that are large enough to get my hand down into...both for cleaning purposes and to arrange what I put in.  I used gift shred from Hobby Lobby and put three blown eggs I carved with a drimmel.  I dyed the eggs with Rit dye.  They don't show up very well in the picture, but there is a red one, a purple one, and a green one.
 The weather has been very warm and I'm anxious to start putting out the plants I saved over the winter.  I tried two different things this past fall.  One, I totally emptied the baskets and put in new coco liners and just broke off the angelwing begonias to start them in the baskets so they would be well-established when I put them out in the spring.  The other was to break off all the branches, remove the root ball from the basket, put in new soil and liners, then put the root ball into it.  They both did OK, but the ones with the root ball are really full.  It was also easier.  The branches I broke off, I rooted for the flower boxes this spring.
 These baskets contain rootings.  They are obviously not as full as the previous picture.  The angel wings at the top left are some of the rootings.
 These are tomatoes and peppers I've started from seeds.  The seedlings are doing well.  The guy on the radio said to pinch the tops so the stems will thicken up and they won't be so leggy.
 More seedlings.  These are annuals.
These are Impatiens cuttings I rooted in the fall.

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