Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Guessed Wrong

A friend said she had been invited to a Gender Reveal party.  I should have just tried to fish more information out of her, but no...I said, "So you go to a party and reveal your privates?"  She really looked taken aback.
This was not a wonderful day for me...I left my fitbit on its charger and walked my legs off volunteering.  I didn't close my travel mug before putting it in my bag. My knitting smells like coffee but it's finally dry and it didn't look any different. I read aloud to somebody who probably should have been alone. She should have said.
OK.  The upside is I didn't have a car wreck.  I didn't get a ticket.  I'm not sick.
 I got a lovely batch of little knitted hats to take to the gift shop...nd a beautiful bit of lace yarn to knit. 

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