Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ketogenic Diet

I saw a picture of somebody's plate of food on Google+ the other day and the guy said it was on his ketogenic diet.  I was curious because it looked like it would be on my Atkins diet, too.  So today I looked up information on ketogenic diets.  It is evidently helpful in controlling epilepsy and there were some claims that cancer cells feed on carbs and a ketogenic diet starves the cancer cells and they disappear.  I don't know how true that is because when I tried to check efficacy, it only showed information on epilepsy.  I guess if a person has cancer, it would be something easier to try than chemo. I wonder what the incidence of the development of cancer is in a person on a low-carb, high fat, high fiber, moderate to high protein compared to other types of diets.
There is a lot of information about particular diets controlling or curing various problems. 

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