Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Reading Aloud

As a volunteer at the hospital, I have been tasked with offering to read aloud to the swing bed patients. Frequently they have somebody staying with them and they don't want me to read to them.  But yesterday I was reading aloud to a patient and it reminded me how much I enjoyed reading to students.  I always projected my voice so an entire class could hear me, and yesterday I read about that loud hoping the patient could hear me:)
Today I offered to read to the chaplain.  In my defense, he wasn't the chaplain I recognized.  However, he very pleasantly introduced himself and said I could read to him if I wanted to, but the patient was in therapy. Their idea of privacy means I know the room number of the patients I'm supposed to offer to read to, but not the names.  Since this means I just go in and offer to read, the nurse said she'd give me a list of names.  This would help a lot.

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