Thursday, October 17, 2013

Work-Associated Discounts

Discontinuing a work-associated discount upon retirement isn't all that smart.  The discount was given to get the business of a group of people.  To tell someone who already has an account with a company that now they are retired it is going to cost more is silly.  They should have a cheaper rate for retired people if they want our business.  We are a pretty large demographic and they should be scrambling to get a bit of it, not telling us now that we have time to look for a better deal, we should:)


  1. There are better rates for people who are retired. That large demographic has banded together and formed a group. Which you refuse to join. You know it as AARP. It was started by a retired teacher by the way. And to counter your argument of "I don't like having to join groups to get discounts", when you worked you were part of that group.


    1. I have been a member of that organization in the past. I chose to disassociate myself from it because it didn't suit me philosophically. I think I will check out some others, though. Thanks for the idea.