Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Warm Nest

Today I'm going to change my "outside" porch spot to my greenhouse spot. The repairman came yesterday and cleaned the rust out of the pilot light in the heater and got it working.  I have several things to do to make that space comfortable.  I need to retrieve my small table from the tire garden and put it back in the greenhouse. I want to take my electronic "extras" to my art room and get that space set up so all I'll need to do is take my air-card over and I'll have internet on my laptop.  When I come back inside for the night, I'll bring my air-card back and use my desktop. My Kindle Fire will work wherever the air-card is.
If I get all that arranged, I'll hunt up some cold-weather clothes.  I've found some but I don't have much choice until I find the rest and swap out shorts for polar tec.

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