Sunday, January 11, 2015

Budget vs. Diet

I bought a sirloin roast that claimed to be "garlic and herb." I used the rotisserie grill. I don't know what was wrong with it but it didn't taste good to me. It didn't taste spoiled. I have to guess that the herbs used were the problem. I'm not a fan of herbs generally. But the texture wasn't wonderful, either. It was more like pressed meat although it didn't look like it before I cooked it.
So today I sliced a potato and started frying it, added hot peppers and onions, and then added the roast in bite-sized pieces. That is pretty much a recipe for hash. When it was done, I doused it with ketchup. It was fine.
I couldn't make myself throw away a chunk of meat. I couldn't eat it undisguised, which was my plan and would have been on my diet. So it isn't a diet meal, but it isn't wasting food.

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