Thursday, January 15, 2015


I told my doctor the bottoms of my feet burn and tingle. He said it is diabetic neuropathy.  I think it is neuropathy but I don't think it is diabetic neuropathy. I've held my numbers down and am not on medication. My liver and kidney functions are good.
I think the nerve damage is from working on concrete floors for so long.
I asked him what can be done about it, and he said there isn't anything. It's just annoying.
Well, I don't think he's right, but I might not want whatever the solution is. It is bad enough that it is difficult getting to sleep.
I'm trying essential oils.
I tried lemongrass cut with oil. It wasn't great.
I've tried lavender cut with oil. It worked pretty well.
Last night I tried frankincense by Healing Solutions. It worked well, but that was just one night.
The claim by Healing Solutions is that they put out therapeutic grade essential oils. The price on Amazon was about $10. The other sources were really expensive.
The reviews claim success from healing genital warts to cancer to whatever. I also saw a claim saying it relieved the symptoms of neuropathy. They also claimed it smelled good. I hope the other claims are better than the fragrance claim.
I've dabbed it on a lichenoid  something or other that my dermatologist says isn't dangerous. I've had it for several years. It isn't raised and isn't painful, but it is very red. I've dabbed it on some of Larry's skin things.
We'll see how it does. I'm not a fan of "It's better if it costs more." I'm a fan of cheaper is better if it works.

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