Sunday, January 25, 2015

Inside Hobby

It is gray and drizzly outside today. It's January so that happens. The trick is to have something inside to do. I have sweet orange essential oil going in the little candle warmer. The watering can has been basecoated with black. I have sketched what I want on the can. I have practiced painting one on black to get an idea whether I can actually paint what I want on it.
Now I have attached transfer paper to the watering can and my sketch on top of that. The stylus is ready and waiting to being transferring my design onto the watering can.
When I have finished transferring the design, I will remove the transfer paper and sketch so I can attach it to the other side.
My dad built houses. He always tried to have "inside jobs" for bad weather so his crews had as little slack time as possible. I like to be outside when the weather is nice, but I like to have something to do inside when the weather is typical of winter.
I tried knitting, but I really don't feel much enthusiasm for it as others are so much better at it than I am and willing to keep me supplied:)

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