Friday, January 30, 2015

Really Good Day

I had my hair trimmed today and asked for the phone number of the person who made the yarn necklaces I had seen displayed there. She gave me the number and I called as soon as I got home. She wasn't home but her husband said I'd called and she called me back!
Not only was she willing to tell me about where to get the yarn, she gave me some for the hospital gift shop for the cost of the yarn.
She is a very interesting, creative person who may be willing to volunteer at the hospital and bring her sister with her!
She took me around and showed me the interesting craft hobbies she does. I could see a way to tailor several of them for the gift shop. I hope she decides to volunteer:) It was really nice to talk to her and see her stuff.
The pile in the picture is four necklaces I'll take to the gift shop Tuesday:)

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