Thursday, January 15, 2015


I pointed out that there was mold or mildew in a drip pan. I told two different people that that should be inspected regularly by the cleaning team. One said yes, she is allergic. I am, too, but the patients and workers are both at risk. The patients are less able to deal with additional complications.
I am there twice a week on consecutive days so whoever is dealing with that pan regularly needs to be aware of the problem.
The second person I told said it is especially important because people will be coming next week to check that they are in compliance with all the rules and regulations. I said things should be perfect all the time, not just when inspections are due.
I'm sure I sounded pompous. But the point in compliance is the well-being of all the people there. Failure to comply results in a piece of paperwork if the inspectors catch it. It results in litigation if someone has an adverse reaction. Scrupulous attention to the regulations insures the best possible outcome for health and safety with the added benefit of fewer unpleasant conversations and possible litigation.

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