Saturday, January 10, 2015

Joint Custody of a Plant

We were given an air plant. It isn't in soil. It is supposed to be soaked in a lightly fertilized solution ever two or three weeks. So I ordered the fertilizer, soaked it, and put it in the greenhouse in the day light so it could get sun and took it inside over night as it is pretty cool right now in the greenhouse due to the low temperatures overall.
Today I saw the little plant in the house soaking. I asked Larry if he put any fertilizer in it (1/16 of a teaspoon isn't much). He hadn't. I told him if he wants to take care of it, fine, but we can't both do it as it won't be watered on any kind of schedule at all. So I don't know if he's going to do it right or just mess up my attempts to take care of it.
It is in the bromeliad family. I've raised bromeliads before, but not like these. They are quite small. I'm pretty convinced plants need to be tough to survive my care. If they don't make it, I hardly ever get the same type of plant. We'll see how this one does. I was tempted to buy some more just because they are so cute.

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