Monday, October 10, 2011


People keep saying exercise is good for me and fun.  Duh.  Well, here's one that is kind of fun.  Try stepping on a moth.  They're quick and not very smart.  You'd think they'd fly up to the ceiling, but if they are on the floor, they just flit to another spot on the floor.  So between laughing and jumping around trying to stomp one, that has to be exercise.  Well, not 15 minutes worth three times a week.  Still looking for exercise that is fun. 
I spent a long time looking for exercise that was easy enough to be fun.  Hurting myself isn't fun, so that lets a lot of things out.
I thought downhill skiing would be easy.  Let the thing pull me up the hill, slide down.  It only sounds easy.
Wind surfing sounds easy.  Stand on a board, let the wind blow me around.  Again, it only sounds easy.  Plus, if your instructor is dyslexic you can't just reverse left and right because they don't always get it wrong.
Snorkeling is pretty easy.  There isn't a lot of equipment to carry like with scuba diving.  You just lay on top of the water and breathe through that tube.  I'm not convinced it is exercise, but it is outside and not sitting down.  You can sunburn your entire back in just a few minutes and never notice until you're trying to wear clothes again.
Tennis is kind of fun if I can just play net...stand there and try to keep the ball from killing me.  I get so tickled when the ball is coming fast and often that it is dangerous.  Plus I've damaged myself with my own racket more than once. 

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