Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Love Hardware Stores

Hardware stores are like museums except everything is new.  When you go to a museum, the tools and implements are old; hardware stores contain what will be in museums later, but in much better condition.
OK, sporting goods stores and department stores are the same, but I'm not as interested in those things.
If you are ever in a foreign country, go to a hardware store.  You can look at what people have in their houses, handle it, and nobody thinks you are rude.
Bed and Breakfasts in the States are fancy.  In Europe, you are staying in somebody's spare room and eating at their table.  Another case of being able to go in somebody's house and look at their stuff. Did you know that if you weigh in Germany, it is in Kilos (2.2 to 1)?  If you weigh in England, it is in stones.
Picture the Rolling Stones as really fat people.  Anyway, I think I would maybe see scales in those countries, but I wouldn't be stunned by how little I weigh.  Everybody should weigh using an English scale...14 to 1!
But seriously, hardware stores allow us to see how other people solve the same problems differently.

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