Monday, October 24, 2011


The land where we lived is considered "marginal."  Some trees die because of drought.  Some break off when we have "straight line" winds.  Some tip over when we've had strong winds following lots of rain.  That means we constantly have a lot of debris.
 The tree that is down in the picture above is where we worked this morning.  Yesterday we cleared around it with the weed whacker.  Today Larry used a chain saw and extension tree pruner to tidy up what you see as a long trunk.  This is a hickory tree.  He took a couple of rather large limbs off of it and dragged it up with the gator.  Then he cut it up with the chain saw into about six or eight inch chunks.  He's split some of them and stacked them in the "finishing shop" in a rubbermaid container.  The back of the gator still has a lot of the chunks.  The chunks are for using on the grill or smoker.
 This tree blew over and landed on the old chicken house.  It doesn't have chickens in it now.  It has been insulated, closed in, painted, floored, and is used for storage.
 This is the east side of the chicken house.  The damage from the limbs of the tree is still visible.  Since the trunk is still on the west side, nothing will be done to repair the damage until they get all of the tree trunk off.
 This is the bottom of the tree that landed on the storage shed/chicken house.  The root with the dirt is because of high winds with water-saturated ground when the top is heavy with leaves. 
 This tree broke off and has been cleaned up some.
This is another shot of the same tree from a different angle.  It has broken off from southerly winds.  What doesn't show up as well is that another tree is very close to it broken off from northerly winds.
Some of the wood is useful.  Some of it is just a mess.

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