Sunday, October 2, 2011

First Frost Average Date-Stats

I've been focusing on getting my plants ready to hold over until spring.  It's getting cooler and cooler, though, so I wondered when first frost usually comes since "fall" is pretty general.
Then I went to and found out.  But it was like looking a word up in a real dictionary...lots of interesting stuff to read.  For example, I found out that the schools in our area are ranked above average according to test scores.  A few years ago that wouldn't have meant as much because the tests were not aligned with the national tests.  But things have been different for a couple of years now.  It's pretty interesting to look at the average income level, the numbers on free or reduced lunch, and the school rating.  Not as big on correlating low income to low test scores as one might assume.
Of course, I also wanted to look at the school systems, average income levels, etc., of other places, too.  Interesting stuff.
Oh, and first frost is usually between October 21 and 31.

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