Monday, October 3, 2011

"How Do You Get So Much Done?" Mama asked.

Mama asked me one time how I get so much done.
It was funny to me because I see myself as a lazy person.  An active person likes sports.  I like to sit and read.  So I put a table and chair somewhere that needs work.  Then I sit there with my coffee and book.  Every time I look up, I see something that it would just take a minute or two to do so I get up and do it.  Then I sit back down and read some more.  The next time I look up, there something else is.  So basically I sat down to read and the first thing I know I need to sit at a different place so something else occurs to me.  Almost everything I do is a series of minute or two steps.  If I put them off, they take longer.  If I do it immediately, it's done and wasn't a pain.
So getting stuff done involves a cup of coffee, a table and chair, and a book:)
Last night I sat in the guest bedroom for a while.

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