Friday, October 14, 2011

Greenhouse Update

I had the greenhouse all cleaned out, wiped down with clorox, sprinkled with diatomaceous earth, new trays lined with new plastic.  Then I took cuttings of impatiens and angelwing begonias, and moved whole plants of strawberries and dichondra.  The empty trays are for planting seeds in February.
 Impatiens cuttings and dichondra that I'm trying to save will help me have the same things that I liked about my flowers this year.
 I liked the angelwing begonias and dichondra this year, so I am trying to save them for next year.  My greenhouse is about 10x12 so I can't just bring the whole things inside, plus, they get too heavy. 
 This shot shows three of my favorites, angelwing begonias, dichondra, and impatiens.  I tried cuttings of dichondra, but wasn't successful with them.  They produce seeds, but they are difficult to find and germinate less than enthusiastically for me.  My best success has been to get the roots and trim the long stuff off. 
 I saved seeds and cuttings for impatiens.  They are easy to grow.  They like shade, semi-shade, water, and fertilizer.
 This shot shows the baskets that I've emptied, replaced the liners, put starters of dichondra, and angelwing cuttings.  The shelves show the angelwing cuttings I plan to use in my flowerboxes. 
The baskets look sad at this time of year, but I have high hopes for how they will look in the spring.
We have visited botanical gardens all over the world and have gotten some really good ideas from various ones.

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