Sunday, February 12, 2012

Chili Day

Today I started trying to record our things for possible insurance purposes.  This is because every time I leave home I imagine people breaking in, not finding anything they want and destroying my stuff out of annoyance.  My sister in law suggested getting one of those home alarm systems that doesn't cost anything but there's a monthly charge for the service.  I don't worry when we're home.  I finally decided that if I can make a pretty complete list of what I worry about, I can put the list in various places, and stop worrying.  I don't know that I can replace some of the stuff, but I've got my pictures copied and saved.
So while I had the roomba going, I made lists and pictures.
The roomba wasn't finished, so I made chili.  Sometimes the roomba doesn't jam itself on something or under something, but sometimes it does so I like to stay close.
It's a great day for chili, cold!

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