Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today's Plan

Today the exterminators are supposed to come to set off bombs to try to get rid my the wasps in my art room.  Even if they don't manage to eradicate them, they should suffer.
The second TB test is on my schedule.  I think the hospital people want to do something about orientation, too.  I got a phone message to that effect, but only managed to play phone tag with them.  I'm going to take my itinerary  for the cruise to see what I need in the way of immunizations.  I also need to get a picture taken for my passport renewal.
I made travel arrangements to meet up with Leigh and Jonathan for a cruise in the Greek islands.  That should be interesting and fun.
If I get a picture made, maybe I can submit my documentation for passport renewal when I go to the post office to mail a couple of packages.  I'm wondering if the hospital will take my picture for my id tag...maybe they'll make an extra one.
The weather is wretched for running errands.  The rain and wind are bad enough, but now it has started thundering, too.  Maybe some of it can wait.

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