Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Stuff

On Sundays we have been throwing stuff away that we've had stored or about ten years.  We've been deciding if we were ever going to use the stuff and since it's out in the shed, not too much of it is useful to us now.  But it took a while for us to decide to let it go.  It's getting easier.
I also needed to water the things we planted yesterday.  It isn't difficult to water things once it has warmed up.  But it can still freeze so we haven't hooked up the hoses yet.  That's a lot of walking to water with a tea pitcher and walk back to refill it...repeatedly.
I also emptied out the compost bin.  I mixed some of the compost with the dirt for the roses.  I couldn't get the stuff out without tipping it over and digging it out.  Then I couldn't stand it back up.  So I got all the stuff out, then moved it to a new location.  I'm not sure where I'm going to put the compost.  I thought it would be looser, but it is clumped together into big wads.

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