Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Interesting Lazy Day

I thought we were going to town today.  I woke up late, drank my coffee, washed my hair, dressed, and waited.  I could hear Larry working in the shop, so I thought he just wanted to get something done before we left.  I hadn't eaten breakfast because I thought we were going to eat lunch in town for Larry's birthday.
I was starving so I went to the shop to find out when he planned to go.  He said he told me yesterday he didn't want to go today (even though he told me yesterday he did want to go).  He said he told me it was going to rain. I agree he said that.  But if I was supposed to infer we weren't going because of rain, he must think we're an Amish courting couple.
Anyway, I want to show the sweater combination I put on in expectation of birthday dinner:
 Aren't the colors gorgeous?
The next picture is an egg gourd.  I've ordered seeds for these, but a lady at the Center for Aging gave me a few of these.  Some of them didn't look so much like an egg, but a couple of them did.
Since I was warmly, nicely dressed, I decided not to do anything nasty, so I just planted more seeds (snapdragons and salvia, today), and tried to tidy up some stuff in my art room.  Actually doing art would mean I'd end up a mess and I just wasn't in the mood.

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