Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sometimes People Lie

The reasons why people lie don't always have anything to do with us.  The insurance guy who gave me such fits was an example.  He said who he was, sent me a business card, described his office.  He said he owned his business, had 90 people working for him, and had an office on the waterfront.
When I looked for his office in the yellow pages and the white pages, it wasn't there.  When I googled the address of the business, it asked if I meant something else.  I wanted the product, but I couldn't verify his connection with the insurance company.  I went to the insurance company's website, typed in his name in the agent's box, got nothing.
However, if he was a guy working out of his basement, it didn't matter to me.  What mattered was if I could get the policy I wanted.
Finally, I was able to verify that.  But it bothers me that messing about with the truth made me doubt everything.  That caused me extra worry.  He could have left all that out.

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