Sunday, February 19, 2012

Early Birthday Present

This is the sweater chest that Larry made for my birthday.  I'm wearing a sweater that Leigh sent me.  When Larry made the drawers, he made the back of each drawer from aromatic cedar so I shouldn't have to worry about moths getting into my knitted treasures:) I have a castle to put on top of it, but  it just now got finished so it isn't decorated yet.  It is mostly cherry that took him forever to plane down to a reasonable thickness.  The sides are birch plywood.  The colors blend nicely and are a warm color.  We got knobs to match the dresser.  It's a gorgeous, useful present!
OK.  Here it is with the castle or whatever it is supposed to be.  A candle goes in the bottom and oil in the chimney.  But when I light the candle, it's pretty, but the flame is too far below the oil for the fragrance to diffuse.  I put a linen and lace placemat we got in Bruges under it.

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