Sunday, February 5, 2012

Problem with Slugs

Last year I had a problem with slugs.  They would eat the tender leaves of seeds that germinated in my greenhouse.  It took a while before I figured out why I had stems with no leaves on the tiny little sprouts.  But once I figured out what it was, I got diatomaceous earth.  It is made from crushed diatoms and is earth friendly. 
Then I started noticing that slugs were outside in varying sizes.  So I would have a problem keeping the slugs out of the greenhouse.   I even found one on the floor in the house this morning.  It either managed to get in the door or came in on shoes or leaf debris stuck to a shoe.
I found a box of bait that said to not put it on food areas.  Well, that's not so good because I have trouble knowing what I'm going to put where at some point in the future.  I think food is pretty and I'm very likely to put tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc., in a flower bed.  OK.  That bait can go in the rose strip because it is farther away from the door.  But the box said slugs love it.  So I laid a little strip of bait in front of a slug sliming its way along the floor of the greenhouse.  The slug promptly turned around and went the other way.  So that slug had obviously not read the description on the box.
Another solution Larry found in the Farmers' Almanac is beer in a plastic bottle.  The plastic bottle is cut and reassembled with tape to make a trap.  Beer is the bait to lure them in.  Extra yeast can be added to make the aroma even more enticing.  So now I have to go look for the cheapest beer out there.  I am not looking forward to lurking in the beer aisle.  But that sounds like the cure I'm going to try next.

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