Saturday, February 11, 2012

From High School

Yesterday I saw someone who was in my high school graduating class.  Once I graduated from high school I didn't see many of them any more unless they went to the college I attended because my parents moved when I was a freshman in college.  So really this is the first person I have seen since the sixties who was in my graduating class in high school.  It was really strange because he and his wife had attended a reunion and had seen a lot of those people whose names I hadn't even thought of since the last time I saw them!  Really odd.  It was also odd that he remembered things I didn't.  We never know what other people remember.  I wonder if I didn't see myself every day if I would recognize me after forty-five years.  I wouldn't have known him.  Then my husband and I started wondering if people at the restaurant where we were waiting for our order were people we'd known when we were in college.  Lots of old, gray-headed people were wandering around...we might have known some of them.

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