Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I've been checking into Medicare part D prescription plans.  I haven't made a decision yet because I am so stunned at the deal.  Let's see.  I can pay $31 a month for the pleasure of having this plan.  The deductible is $300+.  My prescription costs $4 a month without insurance.  I will not exceed the deductible in the course of a year.  But if I wait to get part D until I actually need it, it will cost me an additional 1% per year for the premium.  Well, if it were 1% of the national debt, that would be prohibitive.  But $0.30  isn't a lot; it would take a long time to hit $360 which is the amount I'd be paying for part D premium(actually it is a little more). Now, the interesting thing would be if all of a sudden the doctor put me on a medication and it wasn't during an open season.  But still, if a generic form of it is out there, it would still be OK.
So would I pay $300 a month for peace of mind?  It's hard to tell because peace of mind on one side, sheer aggravation on the  Can I even have peace of mind when I am so annoyed?
My husband has a part d and he still paid over $800 out of pocket last month for his prescriptions.
Are we screwed or what?

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