Monday, February 27, 2012

Simplifying Life

Simplifying life sounds easy...simple, actually.  It isn't for me.  I do some things like put off season clothes somewhere else.  I toss some things that are so annoying that not only do I never want to deal with them again, I don't want to be responsible for anybody else screwing around with it.
I've donated car loads of books to the library.  I've given clothes to needy people.  I put catalogs in a recycle pile and actually recycle the pile...sometimes before Larry is finished with them.  Don't put it in my chair if you don't intend for me to trash it.  I really don't want to find something I want.
Here's the deal.  If I want something because I see it, that means I probably don't want it to fill a particular need. Seeing something that is perfect for a task is hardly ever cheaper than using what I already have.
I also think it is simpler to use the same size and shape dishes.  They fit into the dishwasher more efficiently.  However, I don't want to eat everything out of a bowl, so that doesn't exactly work...although soup, cereal, salads, casseroles, and desserts actually do just fine in bowls so I went out and bought twelve more bowls to match the four I already had.  I also bought 25 more small spoons and 25 additional large spoons.  It was annoying to have all my bowls and spoons in the dishwasher and the rest of the dishwasher was empty.  I already had a dozen small plates.
Today I took specialty kitchen utensils out of a cardboard box I've used for at least ten years and put them into a wooden storage box that slides perfectly into that space and looks much better.  Plus it got the wooden box out of my art room.  Yes, I tossed some stuff I found in there that I couldn't identify.
Life is certainly simpler if I don't have things I can't identify lurking about the kitchen. 

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