Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nothing Annoying or Challenging

Today I thought the annoying thing would be getting my driver's license renewed.  I didn't have to wait long enough to turn my Kindle on.  Wow.  That wasn't annoying at all.
So I went to WalMart to try to find out why the nurse said I could get my prescription at WalMart for $4 but the guy on the phone from Social Security Medicare, said if I got the Humana WalMart part D prescription plan (the cheapest), my prescription would cost $5 and something.  I went to the consultation window in the pharmacy section.  I asked the lady about it and she said they have a list.  If my prescription is on the list I can get it for $4 per month or $10 for three months without any insurance at all.   So she gave me a copy of the list.  It is six pages and five of them (small font) list prescriptions that are available for their special price.  This price is lower than what I was paying at Fred's with insurance.  That wasn't annoying either.
I guess this is just going to have to be a good day.  Oh, yeah, and pizza for dinner:)

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