Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lint Lizard

Most of the time when I get something I've seen advertised on television, I am more like the clumsy one they show doing whatever it is badly and the gadget doesn't help.
Today I finally found a Lint Lizard.  I've been watching for it because I've seen inside my dryer and who would believe so much lint is stuffed down in there.
Well, putting it together was easy.  But then it said to remove the lint trap.  Not the filter, but the trap.  So I got my handy dandy electric screwdriver with a million different little tips, found one that fit, and started trying to remove the lint trap.  I used the claw end of the hammer, a couple of knives, I could NOT remove the lint trap.  When Larry came in, he looked at it and said it meant to remove the filter not the trap itself.  So, thankfully, I put the screws back in.  I had pretty much resigned myself to buying a new dryer if I managed to remove the lint trap.
But I crammed the lint lizard tube down into the lint trap.  It went a long way and did manage to suck out a bunch of lint.  In fact, in clogged up the tube and I had to poke the hardened mass out with one of the table knives I'd used to try to pry the dryer apart.
Singer:  I bought a new friction ring and four more bobbins.  $3.07 and they didn't have to order anything to mail to me later:)  When I was in the third grade my mother had a Singer Sewing Center in Fairhope, Alabama.  It was in an old gas station that had the cover sticking out over the pumps.  The gas pumps were not there any more.  I remember them working to set up the display counters and my mother making me clothes as she demonstrated fancy stitches, etc.
The hospital called to make my appointment to come in for a physical so I can be a volunteer.  She also asked if she could put my name on the home help volunteer list.  She said I wouldn't have to go to anybody's home but could maybe address envelopes or something.  I told her I could see if it seemed to be something I can do.  One day I may need those services and hopefully people will donate their time.

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