Saturday, July 13, 2013

At Dressbarn

I really don't like to shop, but after deciding that I would wear my long brown jersey dress for my knee surgery because I wouldn't have to bend my knee to put it on to leave, and again to the dermatologist because it would be easy to get into and out of my first day off crutches, I wore it.  I had neglected to notice that it was a fat outfit and kept trying to fall off one shoulder or the other.
As soon as I felt well enough to shop with a friend, we went to Dressbarn.  Here is what I love about Dressbarn.  I can walk in and tell the person who asks if I need help exactly what I want.  This time I said I want a stretchy dress, slip on, long.  Privately, I also wanted one with a collar if possible.  I also said, "It doesn't have to be cute."  I just wanted something convenient to wear to the doctor.
She asked my size and I said either 12 or 14.  She started showing me dresses that fit my requirements.  I picked two, tried them both on, and was finished in about 15 minutes.  And they look absolutely spectacular.  Well, maybe not.

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