Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Home Early

I went to volunteer today.  I did all my little chores and was sitting in the gift shop wondering if anyone would come in.  Some days people wander in and talk...workers, visitors who have been ousted from the patient's rooms or the patients have gone to physical therapy or for tests.  But yesterday and today the other volunteers didn't come so I was alone.
Then the power went off and I was sitting in the gift shop alone in the dark.  The nurses' stations were lighted and I'm sure important machines were on the emergency generator, but the patients' rooms were dark and so was the gift shop.
I decided to go home.  One of the nurses asked if I was sure I wanted to leave in the pouring rain and I assured her I wouldn't melt.  Then she asked what if lightning struck me.  I told her I wouldn't have to wonder if I have enough money to cover this long life.
On the way home I drove though a couple of places that had water across the road, but it wasn't awful.
We got two inches of rain today.  The power wasn't out at home.

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