Friday, July 5, 2013

Idea for Baked Beans

I wish I liked salad, but it isn't one of the things I automatically put on a holiday menu.  I've been told that baked beans aren't fancy enough for company.  It is possible that it wasn't fancy enough for that company.  But my idea of cooking for company includes the knowledge that we will have to eat the leftovers.
But I really want baked beans every time we grill.  So today I decided that since beans aren't low-carb, but are high fiber, I should try for a reasonable adaptation.
So today I started soaking pinto beans.  Pinto beans aren't the lowest carb dried bean, but I like to have a large number on hand in case of emergency.
I plan to sweeten the baked beans with the diet root beer flavoring that I use with my soda stream.  I will also use ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, bacon, onions, and hot green pepper I put in the freezer last fall.
I guess I like to play with my food.

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