Saturday, July 6, 2013

Baked Beans Adaptation

Well, it looked like baked beans so my next question was how would it taste?
I used all the regular ingredients (bacon, onions, hot peppers, Worcestershire sauce). The ingredients I changed were beans (pinto beans), ketchup (tomato paste), brown sugar (diet root beer concentrate).  The next thing I had to be aware of was portion size.  I decided that 1/4 cup is correct for portion size.  My blood sugar was 111 this morning so I think it is all right.
For taste, I thought it was good but waited with trepidation for Larry's evaluation.  He said it was good.  But.  Sometimes he says it is good and I have to watch to see if he ever eats more.  He doesn't want to discourage me from cooking:)

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