Saturday, July 27, 2013

Red, White, Silver Plants

 The first time I became aware of allysum, I was walking on a sidewalk in a residential area in Germany.  I suddenly smelled a wonderful honey fragrance.  I stopped and looked over the little fence to see mounds of the snowy flowers. I bought a couple of seed packets and sprinkled them on the cobblestones of our patio.  I thought they would be delightful growing among the bricks and would smell fantastic.  Our energetic cleaning lady brought a power sprayer to wash the little flowers away.  She didn't realize they were flowers.
Since we've moved to Tennessee, I've tried growing them in the flower beds but couldn't get them to live.  I think they wanted more water.  This year I decided that putting them in my flower boxes would make it easy to give them enough water, plus the fragrance would be right where I sit when I'm on that porch...which is a lot of the time since my husband complains when I walk on the front porch as it scares the hummingbirds.
The dichondra trailing from the basket I first noticed at Bellingrath Gardens.  It took a while to find it as I had seen it but didn't know what it was.  I usually have a little notebook I carry around with me, but there was no marker on the basket.
The angelwing begonias I got from Mama.  She had a wonderful plant and generously allowed me to take cuttings.

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