Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two Energy Ideas

I was washing my hair this morning and remember camping on Santibel years ago.  They were short of fresh water so we had to put coins in for water for showers.  There were five of us so it required a good little pile of coins.  I put a coin in to get wet and then didn't put another coin in until I was ready to rinse.  Having the shower running while I washed wasn't necessary.
So I decided this morning that I will try that during my shower and hair-washing times now. 

My second idea is an extension of one we've been using.  We put a fan in the bedroom in addition to the air conditioning.  But I think we could probably set the thermostat higher if we used a fan in the living room and kitchen.  I also think it would be helpful because Larry wants to be cooler than I like, so he could aim the fan at himself and maybe I wouldn't have to wrap up in a blanket.

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