Monday, July 1, 2013

No Germs on those Hands!

Today was my first day off crutches.  We went to Memphis to see the dermatologist.  I made it fine.  The report was good and now I'm back on a once a year schedule.  After the melanoma I was on a three-month schedule.  Then six months, and finally I'm back to once a year.
The dermatologist's hands were really cold.  She apologized but liked it when I told her there was no way those hands could have germs on them. 
We ate at Cracker Barrel for breakfast and Casey Jones Restaurant on the way back for lunch.
We went in at Casey Jones, ate the buffet, and asked for the ticket.  The waitress said we should have paid on the way in.  So I went and got in line and explained we'd done it backwards but wanted to pay.  She said they'd only been doing it that way for about three months and they still get confused sometimes.
We were both really tired when we got home and crawled into bed for naps. 

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