Sunday, July 7, 2013

Niccolo Rising

I first read a book by Dorothy Dunnett in the Citronelle, Alabama, library.  It was the third of the Lymond Chronicles.  It was rich in devious plot twists, descriptions, historic settings, and wonderfully complex characters.
After reading the third one, I started on the series in order. I wanted to buy the series but couldn't find it.  It was before computers in homes or internet.
I eventually found the series in hardback going through a reprint at Harrod's in London.  I bought the ones they'd had so far and put the future editions on my credit card to be delivered as they appeared in reprint.
Then a new series started...Niccolo Rising was the first.  I was almost afraid to read it in case the author had used all of her brilliance on the characters of the first series and the next would be a disappointment.
I don't like the second series quite as well, but it is still wonderful.  In addition to all that, the setting is in Bruges, a jewel of a small city that I especially like. Some people can spend hours in art museums.  I love wandering the streets, reveling in the old architecture.  So when I read (or reread) the book, I also revisit the town in memory.
These books are not for the faint of heart who think history is tidy and noble.  It is rather more Machiavellian...interesting to read about but better viewed from a distance.
BUT! Niccolo Rising has appeared in audio.  I was delighted. It is the only one, so far.  I think collecting books used to be more difficult.  Now I have the hardbacked books (acquired in England), ebooks, and have started on the audio books as they become available:)

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