Wednesday, July 10, 2013

You Can't Tell Us Anything

When I was at the doctor's office Monday, a man sitting beside me said they wanted him to have a knee replacement but he didn't want one.  He said his knee doesn't hold him up all the time but just gives out and he falls.  Then he can't get back up.  He lives alone. The last time it happened he waited for the mail man to come.  He was a large man so the mailman called the paramedics who came and got him up.
I asked if he could get up with a cane or a walker.  He said he has a wooden one.  I said I thought a walker might provide more support.  I asked if he has a cell phone.  He said he should get one.  He said, "I'm 68.  You can't tell us anything."
I said, "I'm 66 and I hate to fall and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to wait for somebody to happen by to get me up! 911 is pretty easy to dial."
I'll bet he was happy he decided to strike up that conversation.  I was just fine without listening to him, but totally unable to listen without then telling him possible solutions to his problems.

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