Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Lunch at the Hospital

Sometimes the hospital doesn't have anything on my low-carb diet except salad and I'm not a huge fan. Sometimes the meat is all right and there is one vegetable that is green and not fried.  Today they had hamburger steak with gravy and mushrooms...but they were separate so I didn't have to get the gravy but could ask for the hamburger and mushrooms.  The steamed cabbage was good and on my diet.  But the other lovely thing was a baked sweet potato.  They didn't make some kind of sugar-laden casserole.  They put a tub of brown sugar so people could add it, but I could have the sweet potato without it if I could manage to keep walking past it and not help myself!  I did.  The sweet potato was small so I had a really nice lunch without getting off my diet.  I'm aware that a sweet potato isn't low-carb, but it is also one of the healthy carb things so I just enjoyed it.

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