Monday, July 29, 2013

In 1984...Not the Book

Today we were repairing the bed.  When he got it apart, I found the sales ticket attached and looked at the date.  We bought this bed in December of 1984.  We were in Germany and I asked a couple of friends from school if they would go with me because they spoke better German than I did and had a better idea how to shop in German stores.
I asked them to ask the salesman how much weight the bed would hold.  He looked at all three of us and said it would hold all of us.  
Well, my husband didn't weigh as much as the other two together, so I figured it was safe to buy it.
I don't know if that was worse than the time another couple of teachers went with me to buy China from a place near the eastern border.  We left after school on Friday and drove until we about there. We started looking for a place to stay.  We found a pension with a vacancy, but they didn't want the two guys to room together.  They wanted me to room with one of them.  We finally ended up arranged as we wished, but I really couldn't see why the manager should have any say-so in our sleeping arrangements.

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